The Chief Executive, Mrs. Carrie Lam, and the Secretary for Health, Prof. Chan Siu-chee, visited the “Huo-Yan Laboratory” to understand the whole process of laboratory operation and send holiday greetings to the staff on duty. (December 25, 2020)

The Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, visited the temporary “Huo-Yan Laboratory” at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Sports Centre on December 25, 2020, with the Secretary for the Civil Service, Mr Nicholas Nip, the Secretary for Food and Health, Professor Sophia Chan, and the Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs, Mr Tsang Kwok-wai, to understand the operation of the laboratory and to cheer up the staff.

Following her visit at the end of last month, Mrs Lam paid another visit today to understand the actual operation of the laboratory. She was briefed on the staffing arrangements and workflow by Mr Anthony Wu, Chairman of Wah Sing Diagnostic Centre, who is responsible for the operation of the laboratory.

Mrs Lam commended the team for their active participation and contribution in the fight against the epidemic, as the Centre also developed and produced electronic bracelets for home quarantine for the Government a month ago.

Mrs Lam later met with members of the Mainland Nucleic Acid Testing Support Team working in the laboratory to cheer them on. In addition to the team’s chief leader, Mr Li Da Chuan, Deputy Director of the Hospital Authority of the National Health Commission, who arrived in Hong Kong in August, Team Leader (Guangdong) Yu Dewen and more than 200 team members, Team Leader (Guangxi) Pang Jun, Team Leader (Fujian) Zhang Yongyu and more than 300 other team members have also arrived in Hong Kong recently to support the testing work. With the efforts of the support team, basically all samples sent to the laboratory every day can be tested on the same day.

Mrs. Lam said that the public who participated in the programme were very satisfied with the arrangement of the programme. Apart from the health care and staff at the community testing stations, the testing staff at the laboratories, especially the members of the Mainland Nucleic Acid Testing Support Team and the logistics staff, were all behind the scenes. They work tirelessly day and night to ensure that the public is informed of the test results within the shortest possible time after sampling.

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