Huo-Yan Laboratory

Introduction of "Huo-Yan Laboratory"

The “Huo-Yan Laboratory” has a daily capacity of 10,000 nucleic acid tests (NAT) for COVID-19. It is an inflatable laboratory with five functional areas, including sample collection, sample reception, reagent preparation, sample preparation and augmentation areas. It is equipped with auxiliary conversion spaces such as air lock conversion, medical waste outlet and toilets. The laboratory is equipped with a fresh air system and a high-efficiency filtration system (HEPA) to filter and manage the incoming and outgoing air from each functional area, and to ensure that each functional area is independent of the other by standardising the gas disinfection of the connecting areas, and to ensure the cleanliness of the laboratory’s external emissions to comply with the relevant standards and guidelines for gene amplification laboratories and virus detection laboratories. The laboratory can also be transformed into a concrete shell structure by spraying composite materials to make it a permanent building.

"Huo-Yan Laboratory" in Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Sports Centre

The “Huo-Yan Laboratory” is a temporary gas-film laboratory located at the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Sports Centre, which is capable of handling large-scale testing needs. A total of 16 laboratories have been established as a large-scale, standardised nucleic acid testing platform with a capacity of testing 100,000 samples per day. With successful experience in large-scale nucleic acid screening, the laboratory has been assessed by the External Quality Assessment Programme of the Department of Health of the HKSAR Government to meet the requirements of providing COVID-19 testing in Hong Kong, with associated infection control measures to ensure hygiene, proper waste disposal and no harmful gas emissions.

"Ma On Shan Huo-Yan Laboratory"

"Huo-Yan Laboratory" & Retail Shop in Hong Kong International Airport

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