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HPV DNA Test vs. Pap Smear: Which is Right for You?

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the cause of almost all cervical cancers. The new method for cervical cancer screening is to test for HPV DNA in the cervix, while the traditional cervical cell test (Pap smear) detects abnormal cell changes associated with cancer development.

Comprehensive Analysis of Colorectal Cancer: Causes, Survival Rate, Symptoms, and Prevention Methods

Colorectal cancer is the second most common cancer in Hong Kong. According to a recent study by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, there is a trend of young adults are being diagnosed with colorectal cancer worldwide, and the number of cases has been continuously increasing over the past two decades. It is crucial to analyse the formation, survival rate, symptoms, and prevention methods of colorectal cancer for our health...

A Quick Guide of 10 Myths About HPV

Misconceptions about HPV Papillomavirus (HPV) is a common sexually transmitted virus associated with various cancers and other diseases. However, there are some misconceptions and misunderstandings surrounding HPV. Here are 9 common misconceptions about HPV and explanations of the related facts...

Awarded "Hong Kong's Most Outstanding Business Awards 2022"

Company Profile

In response to the COVID-19 in Hong Kong, we established a high-quality nucleic acid testing laboratory – “Huo-Yan Laboratory” to meet the challenges and opportunities of the outbreak of COVID-19. We are committed to serving the people of Hong Kong with our mission of fighting the epidemic together.


BGI Health (Hong Kong) Company Limited

China Biotech Services Holdings Limited

Wu Ting Yuk, Anthony



Established Sunrise Diagnostic Centre Limited

June 2020

Laboratory obtained eQAP and began testing for high-risk populations in Hong Kong

July 2020

Set up "Huo-Yan Laboratory" in Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Sports Centre. Started the universal community testing programme

July 2020

Set up Community Testing Center and Mobile Sampling Station

November 2020

Airport laboratory in operation

December 2020


Awarded the "Hong Kong Business Technology Excellence Awards 2021" by "Hong Kong Business", an authoritative business publication

December 2021


Established "Ma On Shan Huo-Yan Laboratory"

February 2022

COVID-19 Testing in Shenzhen Bay Port and HZMB Hong Kong Port

March 2022

Awarded "Hong Kong's Most Outstanding Business Awards 2022"

May 2022

Management Team

Wu Ting Yuk, Anthony

Liu Xiaolin

Yin Ye

Li Ning

Liu Xing, Albert

To Kar Wing, Christina

Business Development

Cancer Screening Programme

Companion Diagnostic

Tumor Detection

Medication Instruction

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